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Does laser coding machine radiate human body?

Time:2020-11-19 Views:275

With the increasing number of users of laser coding machines, the safety issues of laser coding machines have begun to be mentioned by users. Most users are concerned about whether the beam of laser coding machines is harmful to the human body and whether the radiation of laser coding machines is serious. We are very concerned about other issues. Let’s explain to you whether the laser coding machine has radiation to the human body.

The first level: Under normal operating conditions, the laser coding machine will not produce radiation that is harmful to people.

The second level: The radiation range of the laser coding machine is in the visible spectrum, which is equivalent to the value when exposed to the radiation of the first-level product. This level of laser coding machine requires additional warning codes for safety testing.

The third level: The laser coding machine is divided into two levels. For people who have a normal avoidance response to strong light, it will not cause harm to human eyes, but for observation by using lens instruments, it will cause harm to human eyes. Will cause accidental injury.

Level 4: Above level 3, it will not only cause damage to human eyes when looking directly at the laser printer, but also cause extra damage in other situations. Not only to human eyes, but also to skin, and even cause fire.

Laser coding machine is a kind of high-tech product, it is the most advanced laser coding equipment at present. After the investigation of scientific research personnel, it is found that laser coding machine generally has no harm to the body, but it does not mean that there is no harm. Hazard, doing any work has the possibility of harm, everyone can use it with confidence.


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