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Medical device solutions

Medical device solutions

Medical device solutions

In the processing and application of medical devices, traditional processing methods, such as plasma spraying, sintering, electrochemical deposition, etc., are no longer suitable for the processing of biomaterial medical devices due to the high temperature, high acid, and high alkali processing environment. In contrast, ultrashort pulse laser micromachining has the advantages of cold machining, low energy consumption, less damage, high accuracy, and strict positioning in 3D space. It has a good application prospect in medical device processing.

Marking on stainless steel surgical instruments is a typical application of laser in the medical device industry. Surgical instruments are common medical devices. Marking is an indispensable link in their manufacturing. It is often necessary to mark numbers, letters, QR codes, company names and other information. Due to the particularity of its use environment, it has high requirements for marking, and it needs to have excellent performance in many aspects such as corrosion resistance, passivation resistance, and autoclave resistance.

Typical Application


Mobile phone shell marking, panel glass marking, charger precision marking, earphone cable precision marking


FPC/PCB cutting, mobile phone motherboard cutting, camera module cutting, tempered glass cutting, sapphire cutting


FPC welding, IC precision welding, VC motor welding


Earpiece microphone laser drilling, HDI drilling, flexible circuit board via holes, glass drilling, ceramic drilling


LDS mobile phone antenna etching

Laser micromachining has the characteristics of ultra-fast and ultra-precision, and it has unique advantages in the processing of medical devices, especially for micro-processing of materials with good biocompatibility. The system summarizes several new applications of laser micromachining technology in the field of biomedicine, focusing on the micromachining of the surface structure of biomaterials, the microstructure preparation of medical components and vascular stents, and the rapid prototyping of three-dimensional biological tissues, and further points out the existing laser The limitations and development trend of micro-processing for preparing biomedical materials.

Customer benefits

Medical products are products that come into direct contact with people, and are closely related to people's health and life safety. The production standards of medical products are very strict, and the key components need to be marked with durable and traceable marks. Through this mark, the production time, location, production batch number, manufacturer and other information of the product can be found. In addition, the medical industry pays great attention to product safety and hygiene, and ultrashort pulse laser marking technology has the advantages of cold processing, low energy consumption, low damage, high accuracy, strict positioning in 3D space, and smooth marking surface that is not easy to breed bacteria. , Fully meets the requirements of the medical industry for medical product marking, and now laser marking technology has penetrated the medical industry.

In summary, the application of laser technology has higher precision, faster efficiency, more precise processing, lower carbon and energy-saving processes, higher yield, lower purchase and operating costs.