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Equipment warranty and maintenance

01The equipment is guaranteed free for one year and provides lifetime technical support.

02If the equipment is damaged by man-made, natural disasters, non-equipment quality factors and force majeure damage, it is not covered by the warranty

03When the equipment arrives at the location of the demander, the supplier is responsible for installation and commissioning and trains 1-2 operators from the demander. The demander shall inspect and accept the equipment in accordance with the contract, and both parties shall sign an acceptance report. Customers can send people to our company to conduct systematic training on laser principles, and then conduct on-site training after installation and commissioning. Or according to the needs of customers, our engineers will go to the buyer's location for training.

Service line:18926838088 Manager Jiang (same number on WeChat)

Service Hotline:0769-81334966

Hardware training service

Hardware training service Laser equipment system components Operating equipment procedures Maintenance of optical devices Common fault handling

Software training service

Computer basics Commonly used drawing software CORELDRAW etc. Introduction of techniques and methods in marking software editing Powerful marking software Using the scanner

Hardware training service

The free warranty period of the whole machine is one year. Provide technical support at any time.

Customer service response time is within 48 hours after receiving the notice, the company's after-sales service personnel arrive at the customer.

Lifetime maintenance service

In addition to the one-year free warranty period of the machine, the user also enjoys the lifetime maintenance service of the machine.

During the one-year warranty period, on-site regular equipment inspections are provided.

Users enjoy free software upgrades.

During the lifetime maintenance period, the equipment damaged and replaced will be charged at cost.

Lifetime maintenance service

Provide special car door-to-door or logistics transportation, wooden box protection and safety packaging. And there are engineers on-site training until normal production, and then equipment acceptance.

Provide door-to-door pickup, training and learning in the factory, and logistics delivery after acceptance.