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How to choose a new laser cutting machine?

After 2000, the sales of lasers rose by leaps and bounds, and they surpassed punches in market share for a long time. In 2005, fiber optic technology became a buzzword for laser cutting.

        After more than ten years of development, with the development of fiber laser technology and the increase in demand from downstream industries, the fiber laser market scale has increased year by year, from 28.60% in 2012 to 41.34% in 2016, and has become the industrial laser with the largest market share. Fiber laser cutting machines are no longer new.

        At the same time, the laser cutting machine market has undergone tremendous changes. The low-to-medium power laser cutting machine has been used for a long time, and the cutting effect and cutting ability will be greatly inferior. It is gradually difficult to meet the daily processing needs, and it is unable to cope with more and more The application of thick plate cutting.

        The processing stations that dared to be the first to adopt laser cutting technology in the past are facing the demand for equipment replacement. The rapid development of the industry has attracted many companies to participate, hoping to get a share of the pie, which makes it even more difficult for business owners to choose the right laser cutting machine.

        How to choose a new laser cutting machine? Master Laser teaches you a few tricks

        1. Clarify the scope of business requirements: consider clearly the scope of your business, the thickness of the cutting material, which materials need to be cut, and other factors, and then determine the power size of the equipment and the size of the workbench that need to be purchased. The power and format are not the bigger the better, the important thing is to meet the actual needs.

        2. Choose a brand manufacturer: The laser cutting machine market is very mature, and there are many companies that do not have R&D capabilities.

        3. Look at the main parts of the product: some important parts of the laser cutting machine, we also need to pay great attention when purchasing. Especially the laser, cutting head, servo motor, guide rail, water tank, etc., these components directly affect the cutting speed and accuracy of the laser cutting machine.

        4. After-sales service: No matter how well a laser cutting machine is made, users will encounter various problems in the process of using it. When encountering problems that customers cannot solve by themselves, can the manufacturer provide timely solutions The plan is particularly important. Feichuang Laser has established a complete marketing network. At present, it has set up more than 40 offices in China, distributed in major central cities in my country. "Close to users and extended services", the nationwide sales and service network ensures that Feichuang Laser responds promptly and quickly to customer needs. 

        For companies operating in the sheet metal cutting business, the high-power system equipped on the new model is an important tool to achieve rapid cutting and enhance market competitiveness. It has also been Feichuang Laser for many years to provide high-quality laser cutting equipment for various industries. Relentless pursuit.

Common faults and treatment methods of laser welding machine

The laser welding machine will have some failures more or less during the use process. Of course, any machine has the possibility of failure. In order to make the laser welding machine work better, reduce the number of failures and increase work efficiency, We must understand the working principle of laser welding machine. Below, the technicians of Minglei Laser Equipment will explain the common faults and treatment methods of laser welding machine:

  Fault 1. The welding seam is very dark when the laser welding machine is welding

   1. If the nitrogen is not turned on, it can be solved by turning on the nitrogen. 

  2. The airflow direction of the shielding gas is wrong, so the airflow direction of the shielding gas should be opposite to the movement direction of the workpiece. 

  Fault two, the laser welding machine cracks during welding 

   1. If the cooling rate of the workpiece is too fast, the temperature of the cooling water on the fixture should be adjusted to increase the water temperature. 

  2. If the fit clearance between the workpieces is too large or there are burrs, the machining accuracy of the workpieces should be improved. 

  3. The workpiece is not cleaned. In this case, the workpiece needs to be cleaned again. 

  4. If the flow of protective gas is too large, it can be solved by reducing the flow of protective gas. 

  Fault 3. The penetration depth of the laser welding machine is not enough.

   1. If the laser energy is not enough, it can be solved by increasing the pulse width and current. 

  2. The focus lens defocus amount is wrong, adjust the defocus amount to close to the focus position. 

  Fault 4, the flame weakens when the laser welding machine is welding  

   1. The shutter is not fully opened. Check and add lubricating oil on the shutter connector to make the connector mechanically smooth.

  2. The main optical path laser offset, adjust the main optical path total and semi-reflective diaphragms, use photo paper to check and adjust the round spot.  

   3. If the cooling water is polluted or the cooling water has not been replaced for a long time, it can be solved by replacing the cooling water and cleaning the UV glass tube and xenon lamp. 

  4. The laser is not output from the center of the copper gas nozzle under the focusing head. Adjust the 45-degree reflective diaphragm to make the laser output from the center of the gas nozzle. 

   5. If the focusing lens or laser resonator diaphragm is damaged or contaminated, it should be replaced or cleaned in time.

   When the laser welding machine fails, we can refer to the above content for operational inspection. If there is a problem that cannot be solved, please consult Minglei laser technicians online

Is there radiation from the laser welding machine?

Laser welding machine is one of the indispensable equipment in the field of welding. It mainly uses the principle of laser radiation for welding. Therefore, there are always people who worry about its safety during use. For example, does the laser welding machine have radiation? I believe this problem is very concerned by most people, because radiation will endanger the health of the human body, the following Minglei laser technicians will answer this question for you:

  Laser is a kind of high-intensity light that emits light energy when excited. Generally, the laser light emitted by the laser source can be considered as non-physical when it is not accessible or visible. However, the laser welding machine will cause ionizing radiation and stimulated radiation during the welding process. This induced radiation has a significant impact on the eyes and body. Therefore, we must stay away from the welding part when welding.

   Although the radiation of the laser welding machine to the human body is basically within the safe range, non-professionals should not touch the laser source. The laser is an invisible and high-energy beam. Once touched, it is very dangerous. In particular, the damage to the eyes is the greatest, so in the case of long-term viewing of the light source, you must wear protective glasses. 

   Is there radiation from the laser welding machine? Let me explain it for you. In fact, no matter whether the laser welding machine has radiation or not, as long as we wear respiratory protective gear, wear radiation protective clothing, wear eye shields, pay attention to ventilation, pay attention to the inhalation of dust and metal particles, and take protective measures to avoid injury. This is the performance of being responsible for one's own body and personal safety.

What are the skills of welding robot programming?

1. Choose a reasonable welding sequence to reduce the welding deformation and the length of the welding head path to formulate the welding sequence.

  2. The space transition of the welding head requires a short, smooth and safe moving track.

  3. Optimize welding parameters. In order to obtain the best welding parameters, make working specimens for welding test and process qualification.

  4. Use reasonable positioner position, welding attitude, and welding relative joint position. After the workpiece is fixed on the positioner, if the welding seam is not the ideal position and angle, it is required to continuously adjust the positioner during programming, so that the welded seam reaches the horizontal position successively according to the welding sequence. At the same time, it is necessary to continuously adjust the position of each axis of the robot, and reasonably determine the position and angle of the welding head relative to the joint and the extension length of the welding wire. After the position of the workpiece is determined, the position of the welding head relative to the joint must be observed through the eyes of the programmer, which is more difficult. This requires programmers to be good at summing up experience. 

5. Insert the cleaning program in time. After writing a certain length of welding program, insert the cleaning program in time to prevent welding spatter from clogging the welding nozzle and contact tip, ensure the cleanliness of the welding, increase the life of the nozzle, ensure reliable arc ignition and reduce welding spatter .  

  6. Generally, programming cannot be done in one step. It is necessary to continuously inspect and modify the program, adjust the welding parameters and welding posture during the welding process of the robot to form a good program. Conclusion With the development of advanced manufacturing technology, it is an inevitable trend to realize the automation, flexibility and intelligence of welding product manufacturing. At present, the use of robotic welding has become the main symbol of the modernization of welding automation technology. Welding manipulators have received more and more attention because of their versatility and reliability.

Is the laser welding machine harmful to the human body?

In the process of laser welding, sparks are often sparkling, which is very attractive. So is the laser welding machine harmful to the body during the welding operation? I believe that this and the problem are of great concern to most people, so let’s let the technical staff of Minglei Laser explain it for you:

   The laser emitted by the laser source is generally inaccessible and invisible. It can be considered as almost harmless, but please be careful not to touch the laser source, otherwise it is very dangerous, as long as it is invisible and the energy is too high. In addition, lasers are also electromagnetic waves, but the wavelengths of lasers used by welding machines are very large, so there is no radiation hazard from short-wavelength light waves such as ultraviolet rays.

  Welding machine should pay attention to ventilation during the working process, pay attention to the inhalation of dust and metal particles, and pay attention to the shielding gas, which is generally inert gas. Although this kind of gas is not toxic, do not inhale too much.

It is best to stay away from the welding part during the welding process. Although the laser source radiation of the laser welding machine is almost not harmful, the welding process will cause two other types of radiation, ionizing radiation and stimulated radiation. This kind of induced radiation is not lacking. Short-wave, and the impact on the eyes and body is not small, it is best to stay away from the solder joints, let alone look directly.

  To sum up, if you are working at close range by laser welding, it is best to wear respiratory protective gear, radiation protective clothing, and goggles.

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