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The importance of marking machines in industrial manufacturing

Time:2020-11-19 Views:162

In industrial manufacturing, it is inseparable from the packaging marks and information marks printed on various products by the marking machine. The most familiar are some signs, trademarks, company names, icons, logos and other information. Of course, there are also some labels, barcodes, QR codes, dates, numbers, characters, numbers, English that we see on commodities in our daily lives And other information.

The existence of this kind of information can be designed according to the user's thinking with the help of a marking machine. The range of industries involved is quite wide, but because of this, the industry can be inseparable from each other. Contact and promote the continuous development of society. As one of the types of marking equipment, the laser marking machine is also an indispensable marking equipment in the marking industry. It can help users perform simple or complex information marking and recognition. Marking machines are for the marking industry. It is an indispensable part.

The working principle of the marking machine is realized by photochemical ablation, that is to say, the object or chemical reaction occurs on the surface of the object by the high energy of the laser, thereby forming a mode of marking. The marking machine mainly uses a cold light source with a wavelength of only 355nm, a smaller focused spot diameter, high absorption of ultraviolet light by various materials, and small thermal influence (negligible), so its marking effect is also Be more exquisite and detailed. The marking machine can complete the task perfectly for any industry's identification information solution, and it occupies a particularly important role in the identification industry.

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