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Is the laser welding machine harmful to the human body?

Time:2020-11-19 Views:183

In the process of laser welding, sparks are often sparkling, which is very attractive. So is the laser welding machine harmful to the body during the welding operation? I believe that this and the problem are of great concern to most people, so let’s let the technical staff of Minglei Laser explain it for you:

   The laser emitted by the laser source is generally inaccessible and invisible. It can be considered as almost harmless, but please be careful not to touch the laser source, otherwise it is very dangerous, as long as it is invisible and the energy is too high. In addition, lasers are also electromagnetic waves, but the wavelengths of lasers used by welding machines are very large, so there is no radiation hazard from short-wavelength light waves such as ultraviolet rays.

  Welding machine should pay attention to ventilation during the working process, pay attention to the inhalation of dust and metal particles, and pay attention to the shielding gas, which is generally inert gas. Although this kind of gas is not toxic, do not inhale too much.

It is best to stay away from the welding part during the welding process. Although the laser source radiation of the laser welding machine is almost not harmful, the welding process will cause two other types of radiation, ionizing radiation and stimulated radiation. This kind of induced radiation is not lacking. Short-wave, and the impact on the eyes and body is not small, it is best to stay away from the solder joints, let alone look directly.

  To sum up, if you are working at close range by laser welding, it is best to wear respiratory protective gear, radiation protective clothing, and goggles.

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