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Laser marking to engrave ID cards on metal tools

Time:2020-11-19 Views:189

Recently, young workers in the overhaul workshop of Chengdu train depot are making "laser" ID cards for tools and promoting electronic information management of work tools. More than 6000 tools are numbered with laser marking to ensure that they are not repeated or omitted. Borrowing and returning tools is like buying things in a supermarket.

 Tools are not only important items to ensure safe production, but also have great safety risks. Lost on the EMU is like a "scalpel" left in the abdomen of the patient. Previously, tool management, borrowing, and return were all relied on paper and pen to fill in the register. It was easy for the filling person to neglect to fill in, which may cause the tool to lose control. However, the use of laser technology to implement information management can effectively avoid such risks.

Laser marking to engrave ID cards on metal tools(图1)

Not only the traceability of maintenance tools, but also the use of laser marking technology for product traceability in daily life food, medicine, cosmetics, electronic products, and auto parts. Especially in the metal marking, due to the production environment problems, it is often exposed to soaking, high temperature, chemical pollution, etc., the traditional marking method is poor in wear resistance, ordinary printing inks can not withstand the various damages of the environment, and the marking marks are easy to be erased and changed. Read the effect.

Laser marking on metal surfaces does not require ink and other media to cover the surface. It is directly marked on the metal surface by laser, and only needs to be controlled by a computer. The operation is simple, and it can print various complex patterns, text, QR codes, etc., and mark the content. Permanently cannot be erased.

 Laser marking to engrave ID cards on metal tools(图2) Laser marking to engrave ID cards on metal tools(图3)

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