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UV laser marking machine


Mainly used for glass, charger shells, earphones, TFT, plasma screens, textiles, thin ceramics, monocrystalline silicon wafers, IC crystals, sapphire, polymer films, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, wires, iPhone data lines and other polymer materials The surface of the packaging bottle (box) is punched, and the micropores are punched.

Project details


Adopting precision laser, the optics has high quality, small focusing spot, super precision marking, high definition.

The heat-affected area is extremely small, avoiding deformation, damage or scorching of the processed material, and high product rate.

Use a wide range of materials to make up for the disadvantages of the currently widely used infrared laser marking process

Using digital high-speed scanning galvanometer, small size, fast speed and excellent stability.

Flexible control methods, full-parameter internal and external control options, adapt to the needs of different customers.


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